About Camile

Award winning Thai food, brought to you


Our restaurant chefs come from all walks of life and each bring something new to the creative mix. Traditional recipes meet innovation in our kitchens - we taste and try everything until we think it's perfect. Our commitment to authentic Thai ingredients is partnered with a dedication to local sourcing where we can - even down to our tofu.


We use locally grown, grass fed sirloin steak and pork in all our dishes.


Did you know they grow Bak Choi in Britain? We use seasonal vegetables where we can in our dishes to support local business and keep these ingredients fresh on your plate.


Our chefs handmake Camile's sauces from scratch, keeping flavors pungent and full-bodied. Customers have told us our sauces 'sing' - we're a little offbeat, but we'd have to agree.

No MSG is added to our food
Low Fat | High Protein | High Unsaturated Fat Options
Each dish is prepared fresh and cooked to order


As Camile grows, so does our focus on doing so sustainably. We will be serving food out of 100% compostable cups by the end of the year. Our waste is segregated to maximise recycling & reduce landfill buildup. We also use auto cut off switches on our Wok cookers which helps reduce water consumption by up to 40%.

Camile is a proudly Irish company - which really means we're as diverse as they come! Our staff may come from a lot of different places, but we're all here now to serve you good food and elevate the standard of our restaurant style. This elevation is what makes Camile different. Care, energy and inspiration go into every little takeout box, and you can see & taste the difference.


Our Thai Chefs are the bedrock of what we do. They know their food - and they insist on us only using authentic fresh herbs and spices, sauces made from scratch, the best Irish beef, lamb, pork, and fresh fish. These are cooked the way they were taught - each dish made fresh to order, every time.